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BROOK CADENA, Model | Actor | Singer

I have been using Trendy Carrot’s services and I am extremely pleased with the results so far. Not only have my followers increased by almost 5x, but my personal understanding of how to market myself as an actress/model/singer has increased. With the thorough data research Trendy Carrot gave me I was able to see what works for my audience and what doesn’t work and adjust accordingly. 

Trendy Carrot also inspired me to dig deeper and help define “Who is @Brook.Michele as a brand?” and then really hold my hand while putting a marketing strategy together specifically for me. It was a little intimidating at first because I am not an affluent brand, YET. But this service and working with Nichole has increased my confidence as I am able to see that there are a lot of people out there who appreciate what I bring to the table and she helped me take that leap in putting myself out there. And now they are biting! Lol!

Finally, what I love about this service is that it finds real followers for you and then I am able to interact with them and build trust with my followers. My agent has been getting on me about increasing my followers, but I couldn’t seem to figure it out, but honestly Trendy Carrot was the answer to my needs.

Thank you Trendy Carrot

BROOK CADENA, Model | Actor | Singer, @brook.michele
KAM RIDLEY, International Commercial Brand Photographer

I’m not sure why I felt compelled to give Trendy Carrot a try. But thank God I did and that’s how I met the owner Nichole. From the beginning her approach was different than all of the other services that had  inboxed me about increasing my Instagram following.  Most noticeably, it was not “spammy.” Nichole was very intuitive about my marketing needs for @TheKam_Era and made several adjustments in a short time period. Since then, not only have I seen major increases in my Instagram account, traffic to my business website and blogs have also increased. Nichole has answered every question I’ve had about Instagram.  Trendy Carrot has become a valuable part of my marketing plan for growing my business. The only thing I didn’t anticipate was how quickly Trendy Carrot’s Marketing Service would work. I have real engagement on my page and I have really grown accustomed to my new community.  Thank you for helping me transition into the new age of social media while keeping my brand's integrity.

I wish you all the best and many blessings Nichole.

KAM RIDLEY, International Commercial Brand Photographer, @thekam_era
AGUY, Fashion Stylist | Fashion Show Producer

Hands down....Trendy Carrot has helped build my business tremendously! I'm a Fashion Stylist and yes my craft of being stylish and creative with clothes comes easy to me, but building my social media didn't come so swiftly. Before using Trendy Carrot's services my personal account had a little over 2k followers and just a year later I have 38k authentic followers! The exposure I have gotten since increasing my followers has been invaluable to the growth of my business and fan base. Not to mention, my professional styling page I started in 2015, today has 36k real followers. When meeting potential clients, I always invite them to see my personal and professional page and instantly, they are believers. So it's no question about the impact it has made over my business.

On top of everything else, working with Nichole is always great. During our calls I know I have her undivided attention, she gives very informative advice, and while she talks I can tell she has a smile on her face (letting me know that she loves what she does). Along with that, she helps me stay alert when it comes to my post, telling me the do's and don'ts in a direct way that makes it easy to comprehend and apply. I would strongly recommend Trendy Carrots to anyone looking to make a mark organically and strategically when it comes to social media success!

It's always a pleasure.

AGUY, Fashion Stylist | Fashion Show Producer, @vinustyling

Trendy Carrot Marketing Clients See a Steep Hike in Likes and Comments on Their Page!

ELLE ROBERTSON, Toronto Lifestyle | Travel

"I started a new account in order to brand myself but needed help reaching a target audience and finding out which audience I was looking for. Nichole helped me with that and even more. She's grown my 100 follower account to over 1700 followers in less than a month. I am so grateful to have Nichole helping me build my brand and expand my reach. I would definitely recommend these services to anyone looking to grow their online presence as a result of the successful ongoing results I give thanks to Nichole".

ELLE ROBERTSON, Toronto Lifestyle | Travel, @elle.em_
JEWEL SMITH, Wholesale Virgin Hair Retailer

Trendy Carrot has helped me and my business grow on Instagram. I started just to try it out not knowing she would blow my mind. She's great at what she does and she explains things in detail that helped me with marketing for my business. She has grown my following over 2k so far and it hasn't been a month and they're active followers who buy and interact.

She's awesome! I highly recommend for any small business or person who needs more exposure. Thank you!

JEWEL SMITH, Wholesale Virgin Hair Retailer, @trulyadaraimports
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