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The degree to which an organization can effectively use social media across multiple departments and geographies. “Scaling up social media” is an effort to coordinate social listening, engagement, and analytics among multiple groups while eliminating redundancy, confusion, and waste. 

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Planning social media updates and content ahead of time, using a social relationship platform (SRP) or another publishing tool. Scheduling allows social media practitioners to save time in their daily workflow by drafting several messages at once, often as part of a publishing approval process. It also enables them to reach audiences in different time zones and organize extended marketing campaigns.



A live broadcast session created through Periscope.


A nickname for a Periscope user.


When a photo is taken of phone screen activity. For Snapchat users, since the app highlights the temporary nature of messages sent, the ability to take a screenshot by either party has proven controversial. While Snapchat notifies the user whose photo or video was screenshotted, there is currently no proactive way to prevent this from happening.


A self-portrait photograph, usually taken with a smartphone and shared on social media sites.

Sentiment analysis

An attempt to understand how an audience feels about a brand, company, or product based on data collected from social media. It typically involves the use of natural language processing or another computational method to identify the attitude contained in a social media message. Different analytics platforms classify sentiment in a variety of ways; for example, some use “polar” classification (positive or negative sentiment), while others sort messages by emotion or tone (Contentment/Gratitude, Fear/Uneasiness, etc). 

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Search engine optimization is the practice of increasing the “organic” visibility of a web page in a search engine, such as Google. Although businesses can pay to promote their websites on search engine results pages (Search Engine Marketing, or SEM), SEO refers to “free” tactics that enhance the search ranking of a page.



When content is reposted on a social media site through another user’s channel.

Share of Voice

Share of voice is a metric for understanding how many social media mentions a particular brand is receiving in relation to its competition. Usually measured as a percentage of total mentions within an industry or among a defined group of competitors.

Short link

See: URL shortener


A popular social platform for sharing presentations and other business-oriented content. SlideShare makes it easy to embed content on websites and share it to other social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, which has owned the platform since 2012.


SMS is the text messaging service component of phone, web, or mobile communication systems. For marketing purposes, it is often used by brands to promote text-based offers to consumers, remind about bills (common for telecommunication companies), or send location-based notifications (such as a promo code when a consumer walks by a restaurant).


Snapcash, created in partnership with Square, is a fast and easy way for Snapchatters to exchange money within the Chat feature. Once Snapchat users have linked their debit card in the app, they can send Snapcash to anyone in their contact list who is eligible to receive Snapcash.


Photo and video messaging app created in September 2011 that allows users to take photos and videos and add text, drawings, or emojis before sending to recipients. One of the distinguishing features is that the individual messages only last up to 10 seconds before they disappear forever and are erased from the company’s servers. In 2013, the Story feature was added, which allows users to post a replayable Snap for up to 24 hours in the “Our Story” section.

Snapchat Lenses

Introduced in September 2015, Lenses allow users to add animated masks to their Snapchat selfies. To use Lenses, the user must have the camera in selfie mode and then press on their own face in the screen.

Snapchat Trophies

Introduced in September 2015, a feature that rewards users with emoji trophies after completing Snapchat challenges and activities.


A unique scannable QR code provided to each Snapchat user. Users can point their phone’s camera at a friend’s Snapcode, whether on a phone or a vector version of the code, to automatically add the other person as a Snapchat contact.


A version of Snapchat for those 13 years of age and under that includes an interface for taking snaps, drawing and editing them, but restricts the addition of friends or sending messages.


What happens when two Snapchat users send Snaps to each other for a consecutive number of days. This will be reflected next to the users’ names with a fire emoji and a number representing how many days the Snapstreak has lasted.

Snap Stories

Stories string Snaps together to create a narrative that lasts for 24 hours. To create a Story, a user chooses to add their Snaps to their Story. Depending on their privacy settings, the photos and videos added to a Story can be viewed by either all Snapchatters, just the user’s friends, or a customized group.

Snapchat Filter

A Snapchat Filter is an aesthetic overlay that can be applied to a photo or video Snap. Filters include those that indicate the time, temperature, speed, and location of a given Snap.

Geofilters are another type of Snapchat Filter specific to a certain location, and are often also associated with special occasions like an event. Learn how to create your own custom geofilter with our post How to Create a Custom Geofilter on Snapchat.

Snapchat Memories

Snapchat Memories allow you to save Snaps and Stories for later viewing and sharing. You can find old Snaps by searching keywords and Snapchat will source them for you. For more information on using Snapchat Memories for your business, check out our post How to Use Snapchat Memories for Business.

Snapchat Stickers

Snapchat Stickers are icons and images that you can add to a Snap. To add a Sticker to your Snap, simply tap the page icon in the top right corner of the Snap.

Social Commerce

An area of electronic commerce where the buying process is assisted by social media and online networks.

Social customer service

The practice of identifying and resolving customer service issues on social media. Social customer service should be coordinated internally across departments so that an organization can respond rapidly to any customer inquiry on any channel. The most effective social customer service is proactive: in addition to fielding inbound messages, the organization monitors social media for keywords that could indicate customer service issues. The organization then reaches out to resolve potential issues before they escalate, creating greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Social media listening

The process of finding and assessing what is being said about a company, topic, brand, or person on social media channels.

Social media management

Technology and business processes for securely managing social media accounts, engaging audiences, and measuring the business results of social media activities. Effective social media management is absolutely vital to conducting business on social media. It enables an organization to keep track of all of its social media accounts and provide various teams and individuals with the appropriate levels of access to these assets. When implemented at scale across departments and regions, coordinated social media management practices allow everyone within the organization to collaborate and achieve measurable outcomes on social media.


Social media marketing

The use of social media by marketers to increase brand awareness, identify key audiences, generate leads, and build meaningful relationships with customers. Social media marketing should be well coordinated with social customer service, community management, and social selling activities to create seamless relationships with customers across their life cycle. Of course, social media is just one channel in the overall marketing mix; the most effective social media marketing programs are also integrated into multi-channel strategies.


Social media monitoring

Listening and responding to brand and keyword mentions on social media. Social media monitoring is crucial to social customer service, social selling, social media marketing, and community management.

Social media ROI

A measurement of the effectiveness of an organization’s investment in social media. Like any metric for “return on investment”, social media ROI is calculated by dividing the total benefits of an investment by the sum of its costs. Therefore, it is completely dependent on which costs and benefits are factored into the calculation. To get meaningful value from an ROI calculation, the metric should be fully aligned with the business objectives behind a social media activity. Social media should also be properly integrated with web analytics in order to assess its value within a multi-channel attribution model. 


Social Relationship Platform (SRP)

Social relationship platforms are secure and scalable technologies that allow businesses to manage social media communications of any kind across departments and devices. That’s a mouthful, but, put simply, these tools put everything you need for social media into one place, making it easier to manage. Social relationship platforms are used for monitoring, posting and tracking social media, and help manage everything from customer service to lead generation.

Social selling

The use of social media by sales professionals to increase productivity and generate revenue. Sellers can effectively leverage social media to enhance their reputations, expand their interpersonal networks, and attract new prospects. They can also identify buyers by listening and engaging in the online spaces where potentials customers are conducting research and asking for advice.



SoLoMo is the combination of three of biggest trends among consumers: using socialmedia (So); location-based relevance in both search intent and the use of the internet to find local products and services (Lo); and mobile adoption in which consumers tend to prefer to access apps and the internet through smartphones rather than desktops or tablets (Mo). The best way to understand it is to envision the following dialogue:

Venture Capitalist: Why should we give 50 million dollars in funding to your startup with no customers and not a line of code written?

Guy in Hoodie: “SoLoMo!”


Unnecessary and repetitive social media content that clogs up the feeds of social media users. In other words, the bane of your existence. The term has been used to refer to junk messages since the earliest days of the Internet. Its meaning originates from a 1970 Monty Python skit in which the word “spam” is spoken repeatedly to the point of ludicrousness. The skit culminates in a group of Vikings singing a timeless paean to everyone’s favorite canned meat product. Seriously, check it out. 



A subreddit is a smaller forum within the social website reddit that is dedicated to a specific topic or theme. These are defined by the symbol “/r/” which precedes the unique reddit url of that particular subreddit. There are large subreddits like /r/politics or /r/videos, but they can be as specific as /r/learnuselesstalents ore /r/contagiouslaughter. There are thousands upon thousands of subreddits, and the reddit homepage is composed of the most popular content from every subreddit combined. You can also customize your own reddit homepage by subscribing to your favorite subreddits.


The stealthy art of disparaging someone in a Tweet without @mentioning their Twitter handle. You’re talking about them behind their back, but doing it publicly. A paradox, really.