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Dark Social

Any social media content that is shared outside of what can be measured by analytics—it has no known source For example, if you copy and pasted this blog post’s URL and shared it via email or text message, that would be dark social.

Deflection rate

The percentage of social customer service issues which are transferred to another communications channel, such as email, the phone, or live chat.

Direct Message

A direct message (DM) is a private Twitter message sent to one of your followers. Direct messages can only be sent to a Twitter user who is already following you, and you can only receive direct messages from users you follow.

Disappearing Content

Content such as Snaps and Instagram Stories that vanish after a set amount of time.


A feature on the Twitter platform that has 5 functions: Tweets, Activity, Who to Follow, Find Friends and Popular accounts.

  • The Tweets option shows the most popular Tweets across Twitter; some are tailored to you individually and some are globally trending.
  • The Activity tab shows notable engagements of the people you follow, including the latest Retweets, replies and favorites of your friends.
  • Who to Follow helps you find new and interesting accounts.
  • Find Friends allows you to import contacts from your contact book and find them on Twitter.
  • Popular Accounts provides a list of some engaging and well-liked accounts on Twitter and is delivered to you based on your interests.

Discover (Snapchat)

A feature on Snapchat that consists of a collection of hand-picked videos provided by partners and regions.

Display Ad

Display ads are typically small visual banners that are shown on websites. Common formats include images, flash, video, and audio. They can also be text-based (for example, Google AdWords lets you build text-based display ads). In general, display ads are used for large audience-based media buys or retargeting.