"Let Me Be Your        Secret Weapon."

Nichole Joubert \zhü-’bare\

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in·flu·en·cer /in-floo-uh n-ser/

Individuals who have the POWER  to affect the purchase decisions of others because of their real or perceived Authority, Knowledge, Position or Relationship on Instagram.

The key to Massive Instagram Followers, becoming an INFLUENCER and turning those followers into Lucrative Sponsorship Deals, Exotic Trips, Modeling Contracts, Website Views, Downloads and New Business is...

TRAFFIC, TRAFFIC & more TRAFFIC flowing into your Instagram Account on a daily basis.

But not just any traffic.

You need TRAFFIC that has been TARGETED  specially for you and your industry.

  • Targeted Traffic = New Followers
  • New Followers = More Likes & Comments
  • More LIkes & Comments = A Thriving Instagram Community
  • A Thriving Instagram Community = Trust
  • Trust = Fame, More Clicks, More Customers & More Sales


Client:  Fashion Stylist

Client Goal: Become a Fashion Influencer, Get More Work as a Stylist

Target Follower Group:  Models, Photographers, Creative Directors, Fashion Houses, Showrooms, Fashion Editors, etc.

But Traffic is only half the formula!

Did You Know That ENGAGEMENT Is Just As Important as Followers?

If you're using Instagram for Business, ENGAGEMENT is your bread and butter.

"What exactly is ENGAGEMENT?"

en·gage·ment /inˈɡājmənt/

The sum of LIKES & COMMENTS on one, individual INSTAGRAM post or all INSTAGRAM Posts on a Page divided by the amount of followers. A healthy Instagram Account has at least a 2% overall Engagement Rate.

"Ok, I get the math, but why is  ENGAGEMENT important to me?"

With the help of Trendy Carrot you'll become a sought after INFLUENCER.

When that happens you will start getting approached for many different types of business deals.

Your REACH (followers) will open the door but it's your ENGAGEMENT that will keep you in the room and get you paid.

"I think I understand...

In order to for me to be successful on INSTAGRAM I need tons of Targeted TRAFFIC and for that traffic to ENGAGE with my page with likes and comments."

Yes! That's It!!!

"But, seriously... you don't expect me to believe everyday people are Making Real Money just because strangers Follow, Like and Comment on their pictures?"

See for Yourself


This famous Instagram Influencer and Fashion Blogger began her blog Sea of Shoes when she was just 15. It along with her Instagram account of the same name has skyrocketed her popularity and bank account.





Outside of endorsements Jane charges approximately $5,000 for an Instagram Posting and $20,000 for personal appearances.  Her personal networth is estimated at 1.5 Million Dollars.


An American pop culture Commentator and Plus Size Model is renowned online for his comedy on his Instagram and Twitter pages. He has done promotions for  Virgin Mobile, Burger King, Bud Light and Beats Electronics and has appeared in several movies including Zoolander 2.




Although Josh no longer reports his income, back in 2014 he was already charging big brands upwards of $6,000 per post on his Instagram page.


Prior to her Online Fame Wendy used to devour Fashion Magazines on lunch break when she worked for a bank. After the huge success of her Instagram page, Wendy is considered among many to be one of the original and most powerful fashion bloggers around.




THE UC Berkeley (Had to do a shout out since I went there too. Go Bears!!) Psychology Major has never stated her income. However the popularity of her Instagram account has led many to believe that she earns in the elite class of fashion bloggers at $1 Million plus a year. 

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Right now Instagram is the rising STARLET of the Marketing World.

Big Brands, Online Marketers and Everyday People...

Have figured out it is more Powerful than any other Social Platform is getting their audience to:

  • Click through to their WEBSITE
  • Join their MAILING LIST
  • Buy their PRODUCTS
  • Make them a CELEBRITY
  • 58 Times Higher Than On Facebook

  • 120 Times Higher Than On Twitter

According to Instagram Advertiser Statistics 75% of Instagram Users Take Action, such as visiting a website after looking at an Instagram Post.

"I believe you and I already know buying followers will ruin my chances of being an Influencer or growing my business.  I've tried everything I can think of to get followers and I still only have a few. What should I do?"


  • At Trendy Carrot Marketing I GUARANTEE My Clients Between 1,000 and 6,000 Targeted New Followers Every Month.

  • You Will Also See An Increases in The Amount of Real Likes and Real Comments each of your Postings Receive.


  • Through your own personal Analytics Reports, delivered to your email monthly, I make sure you are informed and knowledgeable every step of the way.  As a savvy Instagram Influencer with the potential to make tens of thousands for posting pictures, you need to know your numbers & be able to articulate them to Sponsors and Big Brands.

Click on Image for a Sample Instagram Analytics Report

  • Most importantly you get “ME”. My wealth of Instagram knowledge surpasses 90% of the information on the platform. I counsel my clients to greatness and help them learn along the way.

You will be amazed in the first 7 days Or I WILL GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK!

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See What Some Of Our Clients Had To Say!!

[op_testimonial_slider testimonial_title_font_color="#ffffff" font_size="24" font_color="#ffffff" style="4" animation_type="default" animation_loop="y" slideshow_autostart="y" animation_speed="700" slideshow_speed="7000" title="" subtitle="" title_color="#329bc9" background_color="#F2F9FF" columns="1"][op_testimonial_slide title="@joyce_noire, Lifestyle Influencer" company="" image="https://trendycarrot.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/joyce_noire.png" button_color="#4881F5" button_text="Read story" href="" header_color="#00b7e2" background_color="" columns="1" ]The number of followers just increased as the days went by without me making any effort. It was awesome!!!!!![/op_testimonial_slide][op_testimonial_slide title="@beauty_pronunced, Beauty Consultant | Sales" company="" image="https://trendycarrot.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/@beauty_pronunced.png" button_color="#4881F5" button_text="Read story" href="" header_color="#00b7e2" background_color="" columns="1" ]What I really like about your service are the followers that you brought to my page were engaging with my post via Likes & Comments. It's a nice feeling to get Comments from people that don't Follow you. But it's the one that Follow that I interacted with, and you made that possible. Thank you very much![/op_testimonial_slide][op_testimonial_slide title="@toderickmurry, Producer | Recording Artist" company="" image="https://trendycarrot.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/toderickmurry.png" button_color="#4881F5" button_text="Read story" href="" header_color="#00b7e2" background_color="" columns="1" ]It was efficient, hassle free and fun to watch the results unfold so quickly.[/op_testimonial_slide][op_testimonial_slide title="@noniruearts, Anime/Manga Illustrator" company="" image="https://trendycarrot.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Noniruearts.png" button_color="#4881F5" button_text="Read story" href="" header_color="#00b7e2" background_color="" columns="1" ]The comments and likes. It has improved drastically.[/op_testimonial_slide][op_testimonial_slide title="@lemonbnshee, Luxury Lifestyle Influencer" company="" image="https://trendycarrot.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/lemonbnshee.png" button_color="#4881F5" button_text="Read story" href="" header_color="#00b7e2" background_color="" columns="1" ]So easy! Great customer service, and results!...very happy with 600+ I got in just one week! 🙂... it was amazing and I want to continue using the service permanently![/op_testimonial_slide][op_testimonial_slide title="@amichia12, Actor | Model | Fitness Expert" company="" image="https://trendycarrot.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/amichia12.png" button_color="#4881F5" button_text="Read story" href="" header_color="#00b7e2" background_color="" columns="1" ]Gained more followers and a few, relevant DM's from people in the same industry as me.[/op_testimonial_slide][/op_testimonial_slider]

You Can't Afford to Stay on the Sidelines.

Start Growing Your Instagram Account and Your Authority Today!

I will hold your hand and guide you every step of the way.

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Back in 2012 I was in the middle of a year and a half recuperation from major back surgery. I had a lot of time of my hand. This is when I first started fine-tuning my knowledge of Internet marketing and also when I discovered the dark net and more importantly bitcoins.

At the time the hype around them was relegated to a few media types in the know and the underground tech scene. They were trading at a modest $11. Even though I had a gut feeling I should get in, something inside me just wouldn’t budge. “It was too new, unproven, and the concept of virtual money seemed a little too George Jetsony to me to be of any real value.”

Suffices to say I was wrong. At it’s all time high bitcoins traded at $1200. Getting in at $11 could have made me a small fortune. It is something I’ve always regretted and over the years I’ve gone back and forth about what caused me to make the unusual decision I did.

Normally I’m an educated risk taker who uses research, my gut coupled with confidence in my abilities as a winning formula to make decisions on how I move forward in life. Under normal circumstances I would’ve purchased a safe amount and watched. As the currency started to prove itself I would have gone for it with full gusto and sold at the high.

What I’ve settled on is something I’m sure more that a few of you have or are dealing with right now. The combination of having been disabled seven years at that time (6 years disabled 1 year surgery and recuperation), rocked my confidence and made me very uncertain about the stability of my financial future. This inadvertently affected my gut and the way I made decisions.

My mind shifted to fear and my immediate survival. This left no room for chance or hope of any type of long term strategy. It was a 360-degree rat race that seemed impossible to get off of. My disability had rocked me financially and I needed the “winning formula” I no longer possessed to get me out of the hole I was in and take me to the financial position I wanted to be in.

In 2014 I gave my life the Christ and decided I was going to stop making decisions and let him do it. One of the results of that decision was the old, confident me (the one he designed me to be), coincidentally, found her shine again. I stopped being afraid, started trusted God and started saying “yes” to new opportunities. In a nutshell that’s how Trendy Carrot was born.

I’m not trying to convert anyone, but I am hoping you can take my obvious failures and not repeat them yourselves. Don’t let fear of the unknown or lack of understanding keep you from taking advantage of this opportunity that is not going to last. You have to jump in now or it will be too late. Instagram is making millionaires of its users everyday and you don’t want to get left behind. The door is open but, like everything else, it will close.

Best Regards,

Nichole A. Joubert, Trendy Carrot CEO


You don't have to do it alone. I'm a proven expert who will guide you and help you get there, but you have to take the first step.

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