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[op_testimonial_slider testimonial_title_font_style="bold" testimonial_title_font_color="#f8860b" font_style="bold" font_color="#555555" style="4" animation_type="fade" animation_loop="n" slideshow_autostart="y" animation_speed="800" slideshow_speed="8000" title="" subtitle="" title_color="#f8860b" background_color="#F2F9FF" columns="1"][op_testimonial_slide title="Rochelle Wilson " company="BEAUTY CONSULTANT | SALES" image="https://trendycarrot.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/@beauty_pronunced-150x150.png" button_color="#4881F5" button_text="Read story" href="" header_color="#00b7e2" background_color="" columns="1" ]What I really like about your service are the followers that you brought to my page were engaging with my post via Likes & Comments. It's a nice feeling to get Comments from people that don't Follow you. But it's the one that Follow that I interacted with, and you made that possible. Thank you very much![/op_testimonial_slide][op_testimonial_slide title="Joyce Noire" company="LIFESTYLE INFLUENCER" image="https://trendycarrot.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/joyce_noire-150x150.png" button_color="#4881F5" button_text="Read story" href="" header_color="#00b7e2" background_color="" columns="1" ]The number of followers just increased as the days went by without me making any effort. It was awesome!!!!!![/op_testimonial_slide][op_testimonial_slide title="Toderick Murry" company="PRODUCER | RECORDING ARTIST" image="https://trendycarrot.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/toderickmurry-150x150.png" button_color="#4881F5" button_text="Read story" href="" header_color="#00b7e2" background_color="" columns="1" ]It was efficient, hassle free and fun to watch the results unfold so quickly.[/op_testimonial_slide][op_testimonial_slide title="Carol Wilson " company="ANIME | MANGA ILLUSTRATOR " image="https://trendycarrot.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/carol-wilson-1.png" button_color="#4881F5" button_text="Read story" href="" header_color="#00b7e2" background_color="" columns="1" ]The comments and likes. It has improved drastically.[/op_testimonial_slide][op_testimonial_slide title="Emma Baker" company="LUXURY LIFESTYLE INFLUENCER" image="https://trendycarrot.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/lemonbnshee-150x150.png" button_color="#4881F5" button_text="Read story" href="" header_color="#00b7e2" background_color="" columns="1" ]So easy! Great customer service, and results! ...very happy with 600+ I got in just one week!... it was amazing and I want to continue using the service permanently![/op_testimonial_slide][op_testimonial_slide title="Joe Amichia " company="ACTOR | MODEL | FITNESS EXPERT" image="https://trendycarrot.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/amichia12-150x150.png" button_color="#4881F5" button_text="Read story" href="" header_color="#00b7e2" background_color="" columns="1" ]Gained more followers and a few, relevant DM's from people in the same industry as me.[/op_testimonial_slide][/op_testimonial_slider]

Each Package Includes...

  • Personalized Marketing Strategy

  • Dedicated Instagram Specialist

  • Email & Phone Support

  • Cancel At Any Time

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  • Exclusive Membership Content
  • 1,000 - 1,500 Targeted Followers
  • Basic Instagram Analytics
Basic Analytics Sample
  • Exclusive Membership Content
  • 1,500 - 6,000 Targeted Followers
  • Professional Instagram Analytics
  • Bio - URL Link Tracking
  • Landing Page - Sales Cycle
  • Geolocate Followers
  • Track 5 Competitors
  • Instagram Contests
PRO Analytics Sample
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    Targeted Followers are followers based on your specific Industry. For example if you’re a Fashion Stylist, Your Target Audience would be:

    Models, Photographers, Creative Directors, Fashion Houses, Showrooms, Fashion Editors, Modeling Houses, etc.


    Access to the Trendy Carrot Membership Portal with Education,  Strategies, Tips and Tricks, to increase your Instagram savviness and ultimately take your page to the top percent of Instagram users.


    This is great if you’re looking for followers from a specific Continent, Country, State, City or Street. We will engage in a dual strategy marketing structure for your page. Part will emphasize targeted followers in your industry that will ensure consistent growth. Part will target Followers from a specific location.


    Benchmark against your Competitors. Compare your performance with theirs in terms of engagement rate, followers, likes, comment. Access deep insights for each of them – “Follower Growth”, “Posts History”, “Posting Habits”, “Most Used Hashtags” and a few other tidbits that will help you “Borrow from the best”.


    If you’re serious about making money on Instagram you have to know your numbers. This monthly report is an easy to read visual representation of how your Instagram Account performed over the last 30 days. You will see amount of “New Followers”, “Your best time to post”, “Where in the world your followers are coming from”, “Your overall Page Engagement”, “Most liked and commented Pictures” and a whole lot more.

    Basic Analytics Sample

    Professional Analytics Sample


    Great for taking your traffic off Instagram to a designated landing page. Can be used to grow an email list, sell a product, advertise and event or anything else you can think of.

    Includes: A personalized URL link in your Instagram bio that links to a professionally designed Landing page. Landing page and URL link performance analytics included.


    Using a personalized tracking link in your BIO we will track: 1- How many clicks your link is getting, 2 – Who is Referring them (i.e Instagram vs Dark Traffic) & 3 – Geographical Location based on Country.


    Adding Instagram Contest to your marketing efforts increases your reach and awareness with potential new followers.

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