My Camera Sucks

What you’re experiencing is one of two things. It’s either a technical issue, the quality of the camera on your phone, or a knowledge issue, you have not fully researched the capabilities of your phone and are not using it to it’s full potential.

…you have a few options.

With these issue you have a few options. If you’re like most people you haven’t spent that much time really learning what your phone can truly do.  Do a deep dive on youtube and watch a few tutorials on how to maximize image production for the exact make and model of your phone. This will more than likely open up your eyes to some possibilities you didn’t even know were available. If that is not the issue then your next option is to google your phone and see if there is an usual amount of others with the same complaint you have. If you find this to be the case, then you know… your camera on your phone is subpar and quality you’re getting is simply what it produces. If you don’t find an abundance of complaints (some complaints are normal and to be expected) then you could have a faulty device. In that case you should reach out to your cell phone insurance provider, provided you have insurance, and let them the problem. For a surcharge they will ship you out another phone. The only other option is to purchase an upgraded phone you know has a reputation for having a great camera. If you don’t want to go through the insurance or purchase a newer model phone, your other option is to research a camera app that works with your phone. Know that this option can only maximize the hardware that’s already on your phone. It will give you more control over the software that processes your images. It cannot give you a photo or video rendering from higher grade technology than what’s already your phone. QUESTION FOR EVERYONE ELSE Based on your personal experience, (You do now or have in the past used this camera) what phone has the best camera for posting to instagram? What phone is the worst?  List your answers in the comments below.  Here is a list of 2018 app for both Android and iOS that can help enhance your cell phone camera.