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Hello my name is Nichole Joubert and I'm really excited you've taken the time to discover not only how you can grow your page with authentic followers who like comment and take action, but how how you can use that reach to become an authentic influencer who makes money with their page.

Never before in history could a person without formal education, a business background or entrepreneurship in their family could simply use their cell phone to put a free profile on a free website and be open for business.

I have no idea how long this is going to last buy I intend to take advantage of it and use it to make money for as long as I can. Hopefully you want to do that too and that's why you're here.  If that's so, watch the videos or read the text below to learn more.


Discover the 3 Step Formula anyone, regardless of what you promote, advertise or sell, can use to make money with their Instagram Page.

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Making money on Instagram is a three-step process I coined called PPT. It stands for your Product and it's sales funnel Your Presentation and a consistent flow of targeted Traffic.

Your PRODUCT is anything you intend to make money off of. It could be:

  • A Product or Service you own the rights to.
  • A Product or Service someone else owns the rights but you are going to sell for a percentage of the profits.
  • Yourself if you are planning on becoming your own brand personality and charging money for people to advertise on your page.
  • Many, many other ways.

The sales funnel that goes hand in hand with you product is simply how you plan for people to pay you. For instance do you have a website or landing page where people can go to and buy your product? Do you plan to have potential customers Direct Message or Email you? All of these options are simplified sales funnels that you funnel your sales through.

Your PRESENTATION is just that. How you present your Instagram Page. This has a lot of elements that layer on top of each other but I just want to deal with the main two. If you can accomplish these two your audience will be patient with you as you figure out the rest. They are Consistent Posting and Staying on Brand.

CONSISTENCY:  As you build your audience you keep them coming back for more with great content (photos and videos) and by posting consistently. You'll find out the hard way, like I did, that if you take too long of a break from your schedule the wave of enthusiastic followers who like and comment will slow down drastically and you will have to work over time to get them back to reinstate them into your fan club.

ON-BRAND POSTING: Let's say you're a Fashion Stylist and your favorite Aunt June is throwing her 60th birthday party. You go, have a great time and post pictures from the event. Are these pictures in line with your brand as a Fashion Stylist? NO!  Now let's take the same scenario and say that you show up to Aunt June's house a few hours before the party and style her from head to toe. You take the same pictures and post them. Now are you posting in line with your brand. YES!! Because now you are going to talk about it in your captions, showing everybody know how awesome you are at styling.

Targeted TRAFFIC is bringing a potential followers to your page who are already interested in what your page is about. I'll get into more detail about this a little later.

These three elements work together to get you to a desired end, which is grow and make money your page.

A successful Instagram page that influences and makes money works like this:

  • A Steady stream of Targeted New Visitors = Daily new Follows, Likes & Comments
  • Targeted Followers who consistently Like & Comment = A thriving Instagram Community
  • A thriving Instagram Community = Builds trust for your brand and your product.
  • Once you have the trust of your community you can lead them anywhere you want them to go or take any action you want them to.

It doesn't matter what you're selling, advertising or promoting. Out of the 700 million active users on Instagram worldwide, there's a very specific audience out there waiting for you and if you can figure out how to get them to your page you are on your way to making money with your page.


See how I Target Specifically for each individual account and learn how I can do it for you.

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You’ll notice that I keep mentioning the word “Targeted” when I say Traffic. That’s because it doesn’t help to have followers who aren’t interested in what you do. They will never translate into money. Having your Product & Presentation in place is great and absolutely necessary to make money, but without the right eyes on them you get crickets. No action.

"The secret to making money on Instagram is driving the right followers (Targeted Traffic) to your page day every single day so your product can constantly be in front an the right audience and that’s what I bring to the table."

Let me give you an example of how I Target traffic. For instance let’s just say you were a Fashion Stylist. I’m going to be targeting models, photographers, creative directors, fashion houses and fashion showrooms types to bring them back to your page because I already know, before they hit your page that they are interested in what you do.

It’s very similar to way both Netflix & Google make suggestions for you that you seem to magically love every single time. They already know what you like and what you’re more likely to say yes to before they waste their time showing you.

The followers I target for you are more likely than anyone else to do one of the four actions necessary to make money off your page. And those actions are FOLLOWING, LIKING, COMMENTING and TAKING ACTION.



When you work with Trendy Carrot you and I enter into a Marketing Marriage where your page blossoms. Find out the details inside the video.

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I target the type of followers that have the most potential to ultimately become part of your fan club and put those eyes on your page. This is where your Presentation and Product come into play. You and I work in marketing partnership. It’s my job to bring the right visitors to your page. It’s your job to turn those visitors into your tribe of rabid followers who like, comment and buy.

I know some of you are asking if you should wait on getting traffic because you haven’t quite figured out the posting thing and you don’t have a product yet. I have two answers for that. The first is that as a Trendy Carrot client I will help you figure out your product and get you to the top of your game in your presentation. But you have to be a client. Secondly, who would you trust to cut your hair? A stylist with 120 followers or a stylist with 12,000 followers? The one with 12k. We automatically assume that if a person has a ton of followers who are liking and commenting on their stuff that they actually are good at what they do.

Ask my client Olunwa @etniciti. She had 102 followers when we first spoke and wanted to wait for her website to get finished to start my service. I gave her the same scenario I just gave you and she decided to move forward with Trendy Carrot marketing. Within the first month of marketing her page she wrote me to tell me she had been featured on page with over 50k and in an article in their magazine titled “5 african american accessories brand that will blow your mind” Additionally she told me that the handbags she was displaying on her page were selling faster than she could import them from Africa through her DM.

While you’re getting your act together, grow your audience. That way when you’ve figured out your product or are producing A+ content you already have a fan base who is eager and ready to listen and buy.





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