"Let Me Be Your      Secret Weapon."

Nichole Joubert \zhü-’bare\



I never started out to build Trendy Carrot but to say it “just happened” would be an oversimplification of the facts. I’ve spent 30 years of my life in and around the entertainment industry in Hollywood and of course there’s a certain marketing savvy that comes with the territory when moving and shaking through that crowd. You have to wear many hats to have any type of success and I've put in time professionally as an Actor, Director, Producer, Model, Fashion Stylist, Creative Director, Casting Director, Red Carpet Host and Socialite. I understand the advertising aesthetic on every level even though I've never been employed as a marketing professional or received a proper education in that field.

Back in 2012 I was in the middle of a year and a half recuperation from major back surgery. I had a lot of time of my hand. This is when I first started fine-tuning my knowledge of Internet marketing and also when I discovered the dark net and more importantly “bitcoins”.

At the time the hype around them was relegated to a few media types "in the know" and the underground tech scene. They were trading at a modest $11. Even though I had a gut feeling I should get in something inside me refused budge. “It was too new, unproven, and the concept of virtual money seemed a little too "George Jetsony”

Suffices to say I was wrong. At it’s all time high bitcoins traded at $1200. Getting in at $11 could have made me a small fortune. It is something I’ve always regretted and over the years I’ve gone back and forth about what caused me to make the cautiously safe decision I did.

Normally I’m an educated risk taker who uses research, gut and confidence in my abilities as a winning formula to make decisions on how I move forward in life. Under normal circumstances I would’ve purchased a safe amount and watched. As the currency started to prove itself I would have gone for it with full gusto and sold at the high.

The combination of having been disabled seven years at that time (6 years disabled 1 year surgery and recuperation), rocked my confidence and made me very uncertain about the stability of my financial future. My mind shifted to fear and my immediate survival. This left no room for chance or hope of any type of long term strategy. It was a 360-degree rat race that seemed impossible to get off of.

In 2014 there was an awesome awakening in my life and I decided I wasn’t going to make decisions based in fear and was going to just say “yes”. When my business partner asked me to team up with her in her fashion styling business I said “yes”. When she said she’d rather die then handle our social media and could I do it, I said “yes”. When I discovered that Instagram was the only platform worth our time, but it would take me a year to understand how to master it I said “yes”.

The funny thing is that over the course of that year of frustration and sleepless nights, I got so good at growing and marketing our Instagram accounts that people started asking me to do theirs.

In a nutshell that’s how Trendy Carrot was born and that’s how it continues to grow. My goal is to help regular everyday people see what a tremendous, once in a lifetime opportunity Instagram is right now and help them take advantage of it.

Don’t let fear of the unknown or lack of understanding keep you from taking advantage of this opportunity that is not going to last. You have to jump in now or it will be too late. Instagram is making millionaires of its users everyday and you don’t want to get left behind. The door is open but, like everything else, it will close.

Best Regards,

Nichole A. Joubert, Trendy Carrot CEO


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