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Dear Influencer, Business Owner, Fellow Entrepreneur, Future Success Story...

Anyone's who's breathing knows you need Instagram to get ahead in today's business and entertainment world. At the end of the day there are the winners who figure it out and the losers who never quite get to infuencer status. If you plan to make money you'd better be a winner and I can show you how.

What I'm about to share with you is a full proof formula to getting organic followers, higher engagement all while turning your Instagram page into a real income

Best Regards...Nichole

The struggle is real and you're

trying your best to stand out from the crowd.

  • You're creating great posts and writing thought provoking captions.
  • You're tirelessly replying to every comment and DM hoping to turn a visitor into a fan.
  • You're struggling through each new update tying to figure out how to get your lost engagement back.
  • You're wrestling with DIY sites & 3rd party apps that make big promises for "organic" followers but don't deliver.

And the results you get are...

Barely Any Followers, A Few Likes and No Comments

I've been in the Instagram Marketing Industry since 2014 and have helped countless clients in every sector take their pages from nothing to "Influencer Authority" status.

By using my formula I help transform dull, dead pages into thriving communities that eventually turn into leads, sales, recognition and paid sponsorship opportunities with brands.


I've seen, survived and thrived in it all and

came out the other side an "INSTAGRAM EXPERT".

In 2014 I had a struggling page I was trying to grow and make money with. My research told me Instagram was going to get me to my goals faster than Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or SnapChat but I didn't know how to make my account successful.

Back then the word Influencer barely existed and there were no tutorials, blog post, or even courses I could take to learn how to "INSTAGRAM" for profit. It was a painful and lonely year but I did it. I figured it out. It meant going without sleep for up to three days at a time while I researched, tested, implemented and then waited to see what would happen, but it worked!

Finally I had the key to not only growing a page with real followers but more importantly turning those followers into a living that could support me. As I applied my formula to my accounts they started to grow and my income was right behind it. This is how I know first hand my formula works and why I know it will for you too!

Kam Ridley

I’m not sure why I felt compelled to give Trendy Carrot a try. But thank God I did and that’s how I met the owner Nichole. From the beginning her approach was different than all of the other services that had  inboxed me about increasing my Instagram following.  Most noticeably, it was not “spammy.” Nichole was very intuitive about my marketing needs for my account and made several adjustments in a short time period. Since then, not only have I seen major increases in my Instagram account, traffic to my business website and blogs have also increased. Nichole has answered every question I’ve had about Instagram.  Trendy Carrot has become a valuable part of my marketing plan for growing my business. The only thing I didn’t anticipate was how quickly Trendy Carrot’s Marketing Service would work. I have real engagement on my page and I have really grown accustomed to my new community.  Thank you for helping me transition into the new age of social media while keeping my brand's integrity.  I wish you all the best and many blessings Nichole.

Kam Ridley, International Commercial Brand Photographer

Let me break it down to you...

In this competitive Social Media World, having a "real" following makes you important and being important (aka "Relevant") is currency.

(bands, lucci, racks, moola, franklins, c-notes, get what I'm saying)

Gone are the days of commercials and phone book, bench or billboard ads. Shoppers are too smart for that and the marketing departments of the smallest and biggest brands know it. A popular Instagram account with great engagement is the new bottom line for Maximum ROI "Return on Investment".

As a fellow entertainer who cut her teeth on the audition rooms of L.A., I remember the days when they wanted your resume, agent, height, weight and measurements. Now they want to know how many followers you have. #TRUTH

The bottom line is, it doens't matter who you are, a business owner, model, singer, service provider, pastor or student looking to get into college. A thriving Instagram account opens doors and it's influence is only going to grow so the sooner you get on board the better.

Instagram accounts fall into one of three categories:

  • NOVICE: You post, DM, like and comment in vain, feeling left behind because you can't figure out that missing element everyone else seems to know about.
  • PLAYER: You still work your 9-5 or you've transistioned off it. You make a modest living from your page and are on your way to becoming a contender.
  • MASTER: You make a killing on Instagram and live a flamboyantly lavish, jealous worthy life played out on your feed for everyone to see.

Why are the #player and #master so lucky?

They have proven formula that works and you don't!

A FORMULA that shows them how to gain massive "organic" followers and leverage those followers as assets.

Getting your share of the estimated $100 Billion dollar "Cash Cow" and Instagram's billion users is no small feat.

As an Influencer or business owner, you love creating compelling content that your followers love. If only that were it. You struggle with how to get the right type of followers and to cost effectively deliver your message to the masses so you can make monetize it.

In short, you are not becoming the #boss you set out to be.

I'm here to give you the solution to change all that!

I'll take my proven track record of increasing Instagram Followers, Engagement and interest in your page and then put it together with your passion to create meaningful, enthralling content. With those elements we can turn this difficult, unproductive time-suck into the career in social media you set out for.

The things that's great about this is even if you don't know how to create a great post or write a great caption I can help you with that too!

The psychology behind my formula is in these short videos:

Using this success strategy will give you:

Does it work even if you're not a celebrity or on TV?


Leveraged her socialite lifestyle of posting pictures at the right places at the right time into an  Instagram following. This caught the attention of one of the most powerful modeling agencies in the world and led to a lucrative modeling contract with Wilhemina's International Plus Size Division "Curves".


Ali Mafucci used the popularity from posting the meals she made for her sick mother into a New York Times Best Sellers Book, a coveted spot the Home Shopping Network and a full fledged income.


The Brooklyn kid with the purple-hued hair finagled her talent and following into a record deal with Jay Z's Rock Nation and is now a budding pop star and a certified millionaire.


New York city street photographer Liz Eswein makes between 6k - 15k per post simply showing off pictures of New York City and is worth an estimated 850k.

These are not celebrities and world famous athletes. They're just people that not only figured out the formula but also figured out how to put it into action and leverage their passions through the power of Instagram.

Bridging the gap between struggle and fortune is not nearly as hard as it seems. You just need to be shown the path forward. With my expertise and your drive, creativity, and love for what you do, the sky is the limit. You supply the passion, I’ll do the rest.

Knowledge isn't power.

Acting on knowledge is power and that power is yours now.

I’ll bring the right visitors to your page, and then teach you how to turn those visitors into rabid fans who follow, like, comment and take action so you can profit!

Let’s get to work!

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AGuy Smith

Hands down....Trendy Carrot has helped build my business tremendously! I'm a Fashion Stylist and yes my craft of being stylish and creative with clothes comes easy to me, but building my social media didn't come so swiftly. Before using Trendy Carrot's services my personal account had a little over 2k followers and now I have 58k authentic followers! The exposure I have gotten since increasing my followers has been invaluable to the growth of my business and fan base. Not to mention, my professional styling page has 43k real followers. When meeting potential clients, I always invite them to see my personal and professional page and instantly, they are believers. So it's no question about the impact it has made over my business.

On top of everything else, working with Nichole is always great. During our calls I know I have her undivided attention, she gives very informative advice, and while she talks I can tell she has a smile on her face (letting me know that she loves what she does). Along with that, she helps me stay alert when it comes to my post, telling me the do's and don'ts in a direct way that makes it easy to comprehend and apply. I would strongly recommend Trendy Carrot Marketing to anyone looking to make a mark organically and strategically when it comes to social media success!

It's always a pleasure.

AGuy Smith, Fashion Stylist | Fashion Show Producer

You don't have to be blind searching around in dark for Instagram success.

I've done all the work so you don't have to!!

Because I've been in this business as long as I have, I've had the luxury to meet and bond with some of the most experienced marketers in the world. We all trade secrets and strategies in hush hush meetings average Instagrammers never even hear about. Because we deal a huge amounts of accounts we see the anomalies and are working together to fix them long before you even notice what's going on. In this highly competitive arena you need someone like me who's got your back 24/7 while you conquer the rest of the world. Your time is better spent doing what you do while you let me do what I do and that's win for you.

You could take this journey alone and watch everyone pass you by or you could team up with an expert who's already ironed out the rough spots and is here to make sure you shine.


Trendy Carrot has helped me and my business grow on Instagram. I started just to try it out not knowing she would blow my mind. She's great at what she does and she explains things in detail that helped me with marketing for my business. She has grown my following over 2k so far and it hasn't been a month and they're active followers who buy and interact.

She's awesome! I highly recommend for any small business or person who needs more exposure. Thank you!

JEWEL SMITH, Wholesale Virgin Hair Retailer
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