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Nichole Joubert \zhü-’bare\


Unless you've been living under a rock...

You’ve noticed that average everyday people are making a killing on Instagram simply by posting pictures for different companies (aka "Brands") or for their own business.

Influencers (Instagrammers with large audiences who persuade their followers to take a certain action like to buy a product they post on their feed.) make anywhere from $10,000 to Millions a year and get to live an International Jet Set Lifestyle. Small, Medium and Large Brands are paying top dollar to work with Instagram's newest batch of celebrities and are constantly looking to discover the...next "STARS" of tomorrow, while businesses are finding unmatched advertising success and profit in their online sales.

Don't believe me...check out these three.


Ali starting posting the dishes she made for her diabetic mother. She now makes a full time income from Instagram and her book  “Inspiralize Everything”, based on her Instagram page, made the New York Times best seller's list. Her Instagram fame even scored her a coveted spot on the Home Shopping Network.


Leveraged her socialite lifestyle of posting pictures at the right places at the right time into a mediocre  Instagram followings. This caught the attention of one of the most powerful modeling agencies in the world and led to a lucrative modeling contract with Wilhemina's International Plus Size Division "Curves"


A recent graduate of fitness school Kayla wasn't sure how to drum up customers for her business. After her 12 year old cousin suggested Instagram she started posting pics of her clients in sports bras and underwear next to their weight lost. Her estimated net worth is 7.29 million and her app generates more sales than any other fitness app.

DISCLAIMER: @inspiralized, @jordynwoods & @kayla_itsines have never been & are not now Trendy Carrot clients.

Becoming an Influencer and making money on Instagram is a simple


anyone can master!

Personalities, Athletes & Public Figures...

      • STEP 1:  Grow Your Followers Organically & Consistently 
      • STEP 2: Learn the "Influencer Rules"
      • STEP 3: Get Paid to Post to Instagram

        Business Owners...

          • STEP 1:  Grow Your Followers Organically & Consistently 
          • STEP 2: Learn the "Influencer Rules"
          • STEP 3: Watch Your Business & Profits Grow

          Hi, I'm Nichole Joubert (pronounced: \zhü-’bare\), owner of Trendy Carrot Marketing.  My Instagram account averages between 3,000 & 6,000 "NEW" followers a month who Like, Comment and do basically whatever I ask them to. Part of the reason for my success is I target each and every follower so that by the time they land on my page I already know they're going to like what my page has to offer.

          This "success" in growing my page makes me an Influencer who gets approached by brands to market their products on my Instagram Feed for a price. Additionally ALL of my Marketing Clients come from finding my page on Instagram. I make...



          Whether you want to pitch products for brands, boost your number of "true" fans for your entertainment career, get paid to travel and live "first class", or simply grow your business...

          "As a Trendy Carrot Client, you can too!!!"

          Before & after snapshot of my personal profile @nicholejoubert gained over a year. An avg of 4,500 new followers a month.

          Before you can think about making money on Instagram you have to have Step 1 (Consistent Growth) of the 3-Step process conquered. After that,


          ...will you have the opportunity to monetize your account.

          It doesn't matter what type of Page you have or what you've tried before. The "Individualized Marketing Plan" developed exclusively for you at Trendy Carrot can help anyone who can "Post A Picture". We target followers specifically for you that we know will like your page before they even get there.

          This is why we're so successful in growing our clients Followers at such a fast pace. All of our "Jewels" experience "Real Likes and Real Comments", from a hyper focused audience that will Purchase, Click, Schedule, Download, Leave Their Email or basically ANYTHING, simply because you askTrendy Carrot clients become the A-List celebrities of their very own unique and profitable world. 

          The next step (STEP 2) is to learn the "How To's" of being an INFLUENCER who turns targeted traffic into money on Instagram and we can help you with that too.

          And in case you're wondering...



          That is the worst thing you can do for your account and you'll never make money that way. Any savvy Instagrammer can spot that type of account a mile away and so can Brands.



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